Jewelry for Every Woman!

Vintage Harte began several years ago as an artistic outlet, and a way for my sisters and mother to stay in touch, creatively, as we moved throughout the U.S.

Vintage Harte's name is derived from my heritage. “Vintage” comes from the look and feel of the jewelry ~ vintage charm and styling. “Harte” is a family name from my maternal side of the family. My lovely grandma was Mary Margaret Harte ~ she was an amazing woman from a large family in Chicago; originally from Ireland.

Artistic, eclectic, creative, eco-friendly ~ all words that describe the Vintage Harte brand and jewelry. As owner & designer of Vintage Harte, my aim is to make inspired jewelry that can be worn by all women. Vintage Harte jewelry is made with nickel & lead-free metals – making it hypoallergenic to the highest sensitivities. It is important to the Vintage Harte mission to source materials by woman-owned businesses or fair-trade artisans. Additionally, if you catch Vintage Harte at a market, you’ll find additional fair-trade gifts, curated to the Vintage Harte brand!

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